Double 双11.11 Promo Deal

Double 11.11 Promo Deal !

双11优惠,双倍惊喜 !

双 11.11优惠,双倍惊喜


Get 3 boxes of ZINNIA Inner Cleanse with 30 capsules each box and FREE additional 1 box of

ZINNIA Inner Cleanse 10 capsules for only RM210 in our Double 11, Double 12, Double Happiness Sales! Promotion valid from 11th Nov until 12th Dec 2017! So be sure to grab this great deal with much lower price! Don't miss out! 

不怕涨风,不怕便秘了!趁双十一,双十二,双倍惊喜优惠活动期间,购买3盒 (30颗装)+ 赠送1盒 (10颗装)的ZINNIA Inner Cleanse排毒王,总共100颗排毒王,现在只需区区RM210而已!优惠只限于2017年11月11日至12月12日!想要入货的你,千万不能错过这次的特大优惠啦!

免邮费(只限于M'sia)FREE shipping (within M'sia Only)

Hurry ! Enjoy this Offer before end.


The most WANTED Product


The most WANTED Product !!

For relieves constipation...

Want to generate revenue money.... so what are you waiting for..

Let's join us VTOX Zinnia Inner Cleanse ! "





  (MAL 14055115TC)

ZINNIA Inner Cleanse is a product made from 100% natural herbs, it’s traditionally used for relief constipation, It’s so simple and convenient, just 1 capsule to help you get rid of constipation. Hurry to experience these amazing effects to regain your health and confidence! Zinnia inner cleanse definitely will be your 1st choice!

The functions of ZINNIA Inner Cleanse:

 Relieves Constipation


Melegakan Sembelit, Mengatasi Masalah Penghadaman 

1 cap perday, Relieves constipation without brewing, Simple and Convenience,

30caps perbox , 1 month supply. 

 ZINNIA Inner Cleanse Success Story

ZINNIA Inner Cleanse testimonial : Lily Oodin

Lily Oodin : “ Sebelum makan Zinnia Inner Cleanse badan rasa berat,

sakit-sakit badan,kaki rasa sakit, banyak angin dalam badan, gastrik.

Selepas 4 hari mencuba Inner Cleanse badan terasa ringan

tiada lagi angin dalam badan, gastrik pun dah makin kurang. 

Kalau tidak sebulan sekali mesti mengurut badan. Saya rasa baik mencuba

lebih-lebih lagi pada wanita seperti saya, bila badan tak cantik kita mesti rasa malu.... 

Cubalah VTOX ZINNIA Inner Cleanse ! "

 * The results varies from individual to individual.

 Comments customer after taken Inner Cleanse :

Sri Satthian Vadhi : “ This Product really give me good results. Day to day my body felt lost weights.

Thank you " 

Norazmi Norrahmat : “ Sembelit Sudah Tiada, Perut Sudah Tidak Buncit " 

Chung Yoke Chan :“ 感谢排毒王帮助我,让我排便很顺,也给我的身体变瘦了!谢谢 ”

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