How Men Can Stay Healthy

How Men Can Stay Healthy... 

Below are some tips for your


 Keep Learning ~ An active brain promotes long-term health

 Protect your eyes and skin  ~ Minimize sun exposure

 Laugh often ~ Laugh often & Relax Regularly. Take it easy and don't stress

 Sleep ~ Sleep 6-8 hours A Day

 Eat Balanced Diet ~ Fruits, Vegetables & Colored Greens

 Get Your Heart Pumping ~ Work out 4-5 days per week

 Save your lungs~ No smoking or other Tobacco Usage

 Immunize~ Immunize according to recommendations

 Leg Strength~ Balance and leg exercises can help prevent falls and minimize knee pain

 Maintain Normal Weight ~ Maintain normal weight BMI between 20-25 

 Alcoholic Beverages~ No more than Three (3)  alcoholic beverages per day 

 Easy on the contact sports~ many bone and joint issues in Mid-Life to Old Age